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tagged by killthepassion

Sep. 6th, 2005 | 09:19 pm

#1) killing joke - prozac people
#2) s.o.a.d - psycho
#3) iron maiden - the trooper '05/run to the hills (omg can't decide)
#4) the evil within - spidereyes
#5) jack off jill - star no star
#6) mastodon - i am ahab
#7) slipknot - wait and bleed

i would tag someone, but i only have two fwens and they have both done it. *sobbity*

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Aug. 18th, 2005 | 11:12 pm
mood: ecstaticRAPTUROUS





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(no subject)

Jul. 28th, 2005 | 08:55 pm

Woooooooooooooooooo summer.

I just got back from a long-ass holiday in Scotland yesterday....well i say long-ass but it's only been like two weeks or something.

Oh man...I haven't updated this since the attacks in london. Well just to say, Kirsty (my little sis) was unhurt and she got back fine. I was so scared. Shitscared. but yeah.

Anyway.....I went to Scotland to stay at some fucking little cottage place with a shitload of assholes, basically. (Hahaha. Just kidding.) Phish, Tara, Mik, Ning (fuckin weirdo, hahaha, but I love him anyway cause he's so fuckin weird), and Demon. Demon just got dreads, they're effing bright blue and awesomelike. I'm jealous, i want dreads. Haha.

Anoher gig tomorrow night. Yeaaaaah.

Ah shit, I just hit the F11 button orsometihng and it just went all kerzoidy on me again...man i hate pcs....wtf...haha

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(no subject)

Jul. 7th, 2005 | 07:58 pm
mood: anxiousanxious

Kirsty, for FUCK'S SAKE, CALL ME NOW and let me and E know you're alright. FUCKING CALL ME NOW.

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my cock is bigger than yours

Jun. 13th, 2005 | 04:38 pm
mood: busybusy
music: SOAD - Cigaro


I have to drive everyone (Dames, Lily, Kill and Joe) to Notts Airport on Sunday. We're going to America to see Dames' mad uncle. :D I only just managed to scrape the cash together.

Oh my God, school is so shite. I'm dropping out after this year, though. I was gonna go on to uni with Joe and the rest of 'em, but I can't be fucked with education anymore. I don't give a shit if it means I can't be a lawyer or whatever, I don't want to be a fucking lawyer anyway. I'll just carry on with my shitty little day job at the tiny little software company Phish's dad owns. lol. Meanwhile I'll see how it works out with the band.

Oooh. We be playing Attik this Thursday. I just remembered, hehehe. I need to get the setlist sorted. This is our second gig, like, EVAH. The band's called Feverf*ck. It's made up of me on bass, Phish and Tara on guitars, Demon on synth and Ischka the vocals. *shamless plug* So if anyone in the Notts area and can make it to Attik this Thursday, we're playing from nine. ;) (Joe, if you don't come I'll fuckin eat you. You gotta come. I don't give a shit if you've got college the next day, can you really be fucked? You've done all the exams now so it doesn't really matter anyway. btw we've not got fucking six weeks left, retard, we've got four, two of which will be spent in the States. there's a really big difference. lol.)

Fucking A, I am such a dickwad. I accidentally said 'Hi tits' to Carla Bingham earlier instead of hi Carla. She hit me really hard, hahaha. She's a fucking bitch anyway, so i don't really give a shit. But it was funny. I mean she had them sticking out fuckin five metres or something, how could I ignore that?!

Speaking of girls, though, there are some nice ones around. I met up with Faya and Clair again this saturday when we went out. Faya is so damn pretty and sexy, it was all I could do not to just strip off naked and lie down in front of her as an offering. I wonder what she'd do if I did that? Would she accept my offering? >:D

Haha, shut up, Reg. Bad naughty thoughts. Very bad.

She's pretty sweet, though, and so nice. It's aweosme when girls are nice people as well as pretty. We've talked quite a bit before. Maybe I should ask her out. Haven't got anything to lose, have I, because if she says no girls are usually sensible enough not to let that sort of thing ruin a friendship. And if she says yes, well, nuff said lol.

I'm seriously considering telling her I think she's beautiful, though, cause she is. She's got amazing hair, it's bright cherry red and she wears it in two buns with chopsticks like a Japanese schoolgirl or something, and I find that SO hard to resist.

Yeah, I'm definitely asking her out. *eep* lol, nah. I'm not too nervous about it. I never really have been nervous around girls, I guess in that respect I'm lucky. :) But she really is smexy, though. *drools everywhere* We were doing dirty dancing in Bitter on Sat, all of us, and I ended up dancing with her, and she was REALLY FUCKIN GOOD at it, lol. She smelt goooood. I was going to kiss her there and then but I thought maybe that was too pushy? I mean, has she got a boyfriend or something? I should ask Kill, she's in the year above him and I think they know each other, they have some classes together etc. So yeah.

ANyway. That's all from me for today, I'm gonan go and eat cheesecake or something now, i'm way hungry. Smoked a little bit at lunchtime, haven't had anything since. I mean it was only a really,r eally small amount, but lemme tell you it makes you so fuckin hngry. does me anyway.


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(no subject)

May. 26th, 2005 | 09:25 pm
mood: highhigh

Oh man today has been aweosme.

I'm probably be making lots of typos amnd shit, but you can't blame me becayse i have been puffing the magic dragon recently (like within the past hour or osmething but i actually have no co ncept of time when high or even sober so yeah). me and mik and daaaaaaaaaave and that other guy i know. er. fuck i really should know this.

I don't though.

Fuck. I've only known the guy for like five years or soemthing.



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check this bitches...;)

May. 25th, 2005 | 06:18 pm
mood: awakeawake
music: CKY - Flesh Into Gear

Hello journal.

I'm on here because your_sex_pixie and killthepassion forced me to enlist to the masses.

Not really. I'm here 'cause it looks a cool place.

Erm. Anyways. Joe's over giving me a hand with the layout and shiznit, so....later.


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